ibp_copyperf [-d|-dd] [-network_chksum type block_size] [-disk_chksum type block_size] [-config ibp.cfg] [-phoebus phoebus_path] [-duration duration] [-sync] [-alias-source] [-alias-dest] [-progress] src_n_depots src_depot1 src_port1 src_resource_id1 ... src_depotN src_portN src_ridN dest_n_depots dest_depot1 dest_port1 dest_resource_id1 ... dest_depotN dest_portN dest_ridN nthreads ibp_timeout count size


This tool is designed to benchmark data transfers between two depot collections. The two depot collections don’t have to be the same size.


Enable minimal debug output
Enable FULL debug output
-network_chksum type blocksize
Enable network checksumming for transfers. type should be SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, or MD5. blocksize determines how many bytes to send between checksums in kbytes.
-disk_chksum type blocksize
Use block level checksum allocations. type should be NONE, SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, or MD5. If NONE is specified it will force the creation of allocations without checksums. If the option is not specified then the resources default options are used. blocksize determines how many bytes to send between checksums in kbytes.
Validate disk chksum data. Option is ignored unless disk chksumming is enabled.
-config ibp.cfg
Use the IBP configuration defined in given file. nthreads overrides value in config file unless -1.
-phoebus ppath
Use Phoebus protocol for data transfers. The Phoebus path si a comma separated List of phoebus hosts/ports, eg. gateway1/1234,gateway2/4321.
-tcpsize tcpbufsize
Use this value, in KB, for the TCP send/recv buffer sizes.
-duration duration
Allocation duration in sec. Needs to be big enough to last the entire run. The default duration is 900 sec.
Use the synchronous protocol. Default uses asynchrounous transfers.
Use alias allocations for all I/O operations.
Print completion progress.
Use alias allocations for source allocations
Use alias allocations for the destination allocations
Number of source depot tuplets
Number of destination depot tuplets
depot port RID
Depot tuple comprised of the depot hostname, port and resource to use. A RID of 0 lets the depot pick a resource.
Max Number of simultaneous threads to use. Use -1 for defaults or value in ibp.cfg
Timeout(sec) for each IBP copmmand
Total Number of allocations on destination depots
Size of each allocation in KB on destination depot

See also

ibp_perf, ibp_test