ibp_tool -t ibp_tool [-d debug_level] [-config ibp.cfg] [-phoebus ppath] [-tcpsize] -c ibp_command


This command is useful for doing simple testing and probing of the IBP server. It can also be used to print a table of IBP constants and error codes.


Print out the various IBP constatnts and error codes.
-d log_level
Enable debug information. log_level should be a value from 0 to 20.
-config ibp.cfg
Load the IBP configuration in ibp.cfg instead of using default values.
-phoebus ppath
Use Phoebus protocol for data transfers. The Phoebus path, ppath, is a comma separated list of phoebus hosts/ports, eg gateway1/1234,gateway2/4321.
-tcpsize tcpbufsize
Use this value, in KB, for the TCP send/recv buffer sizes
-c ibp_command

Execute an ibp_command defined below:

  • ibp_allocate host port rid reliability type duration(sec) size(bytes) timeout(sec)
  • ibp_split_allocate master_cap reliability type duration(sec) size(bytes) timeout(sec)
  • ibp_merge_allocate master_cap child_cap timeout(sec)
  • ibp_manage IBP_PROBE manage_cap timeout(sec)
  • ibp_manage IBP_INCR|IBP_DECR manage_cap cap_type timeout(sec)
  • ibp_manage IBP_CHNG manage_cap size(bytes) duration(sec) reliability timeout(sec)
  • ibp_status IBP_ST_VERSION host port timeout(sec)
  • ibp_status IBP_ST_RES host port timeout(sec)
  • ibp_validate_chksum master_cap regenerate_bad_chksums timeout(sec)
  • ibp_get_chksum master_cap timeout(sec)

The reliabaility is either IBP_HARD or IBP_SOFT with the type IBP_BYTEARRAY.