read_alloc [-d debug_level] [–print_blocks] [–file fname data_offset len] rid_file


Bypasses the IBP server process and directly access the physical file containing an allocation and retrieves the header and optional data. Since the IBP server is bypassed it’s possible to get spurious invalid checksums if the file is being written to at the time of the command.


Actual filename containng the allocation.
–file fname offset len
Stores a portion of the allocation to fname based on the given offset and length
  • fname - Filename of where to store data. If stdout or stderr redirects to that device
  • data_offset - Offset relative to the start of data, after the header.
  • len - Number of bytes to retrieve. If 0 means return all data available starting from offset
Prints the chksum block information if available
-d debug_level
Sets the debug level. Default is 0.