Inspect the data integrity of files and optionally repair them.


-rd recurse_depth
Max recursion depth on directories. Defaults to 10000
-t otypes
Object types. See LIO Object Types for details.
Only check files with existing soft or hard errors.
Report soft errors, like a missing RID in the config file but the allocation is good. The default is to ignore these type of errors.
Use reconstruction for all repairs. Even for data placement issues. Not always successful. Try without option in those cases. The default is to use depot-to-depot copies if possible. This can lead to drive hotspots if migrating data from a failing drive which can be avoided by using this option.
-q extra_query
Extra RS query for data placement. AND-ed with default query
-bl key value
Blacklist the given key/value combination. Multiple -bl options can be provided For a RID use: rid_key rid Hostname: host hostname
Forces data replacement even if it would result in data loss. This is required if an allocation is missing and replaced for repair.
Print the resulting query string
-o inspect_opt

Inspection option. Note that replacing a missing allocation requires the -f option otherwise the repair will fail. The available inspection options are listed in the table.

Inspection Option Description
inspect_quick_check Quick check verifying all allocations exist and have the correct size.
inspect_scan_check Performs a quick check and verifies no obvious data corruption by checking magic values.
inspect_full_check Performs a quick check and does a byte level check for data corruption.
inspect_quick_repair Same as quick check but fixes size or missing allocation issues.
inspect_scan_repair Same as a scan check and quick repair but repairs but repairs rows with bad magic values.
inspect_full_repair Same as a full check but fixes allocation issues and does a full byte level verification and repair
inspect_soft_errors Report the number of soft errors recorded for the file. Soft errors are recoverable errors.
inspect_hard_errors Report the number of unrecoverable or hard errors recorded.
inspect_migrate Migrate data based on the constraints provided by the -q and -bl options. If -r is not used depot to depot copies are used to move data if available. Otherwise data is reconstructed from parity.


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See also

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